Russia – sponsor of terrorism: “Armour” and “Peony” weapons systems already in the hands of militants in Makeevka

Despite the downed Boeing and killings of the civilians in Volnovaha and in Mariupol, Russia continues to supply heavy weapons and latest air defense systems to terrorists.
In Makeevka there was seen the Pantsyr-C1 (pictured above, GRAU index – 96K6, NATO Codification – SA-22 Greyhound), Russian land-based self-propelled anti-aircraft missile and gun system (ZRPK). Geolocation of the unit has been discussed in the “conflictreport” blog.
The unit is designed for short-range defence of civil and military facilities (including long-range air defence systems) from all current and future air threats. The Greyhound also protects the defended facility from land-based and marine threats. Earlier, similar facility was seen in Shahtersk.
The complex was created in 1994 and first shown at the MAKS-1995 exhibition. On 16 November 2012, following the Decree of Russia’s PM Dmitry Medvedev, ZRPK Pantsyr-C1 was adopted by the Russian military.
Makeyevka operator also videotaped several “Pion” heavy self-propelled howitzers (‘object 216’ by GABTU index) – a 203-mm self-propelled artillery mount from Russian Army reserve. The 2S7 “Pion” is designed for neutralisation of rear units, destruction of critical facilities and nuclear weapons in tactical depth of up to 47 km. The howitzer shell weighs more than 250 pounds (100 kilos).
No terrorist organisation in the world enjoys such a strong support as the Donbass terrorists receive from Russia; All these heavy weapons are supplied for killing of Ukrainians. And the militants, directed by Russian military, are actively using them.
Relax, sit back and wait for the terrorists to get some tactical nuclear weapons from Russian military store.

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