“Vystrel” APCs in Luhansk travelled from Russian occupation bases in Tskhinvali, Georgia

Internet splashed out new information on identification of Russian armoured vehicles “Vystrel” (same as “Dozor”) Kamaz 43269 seen in Lugansk.
“At the end of December 2014, the blog of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (BMPD by Russian acronym) uploaded a photograph of Russian APCs “Vystrel”. I also got cursory engaged in attempts to analyse and identify these units. But the new material enabled me to be more convincing in confirmation of previous assumptions. So, there are a few recent photos of “Vystrel” from Lugansk with a distinctive camouflage, including one with the side number “300”. As I noted earlier, starting 2009 these vehicles were seen in Georgia, on Russian occupational military bases in Abkhazia and Samachablo, Tskhinvali region. In particular, 4 vehicles with side numbers “301”, “302”, “303” and “304” and same camouflage type were previously spotted on the 4th Russian occupational base in Tskhinvali (military unit 66431); the APCs belonged to the intelligence unit that also had a reconnaissance UAV complex “Dozor”. Presented by me photos of Tskhinvali-based “Vystrel” vehicles refer to 2009-2012; this was the only time the units were spotted there,” writes the blogger.
– It is reasonable to assume that when Russian motorized divisions started to form the units of unmanned reconnaissance drones, they started to receive modern standard tools, while experimental and ineffective “Vystrel” and “Dozor” were scrapped and moved to Russian weapons storage bases, to be subsequently transferred to Russia’s “LNR / DNR”;
– There is another assumption. According to available information, ever since the beginning of Crimea occupation of the and the subsequent concentration of Russian invasion forces on the border with Ukraine, a regiment from the said 4th military base (including a Recon unit and snipers) was noticed as a part of the Russian military force.
Given the information that the offensive on Donbas is directed by Mr. Kouzovlev, the Chief of Staff of 58th Army of Russia’s Southern Military District (http://censor.net.ua/photo_news/321537/nastupleniem_terroristov_v_rayione_popasnoyi_rukovodit_lichno_nachalnik_shtaba_58oyi_armii_yujnogo_voennogo), it is quite possible that recon scouts fromthe 4th military base are present in Donbas. Although I am more inclined to the first version,” says the blogger.

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