Terrorists make a new firing point – Donetsk mental hospital with 440 patients inside

Donetsk – 440 patients (including 200 bedridden) being in Staromihailovskyi psychiatric nursing home got caught in the crossfire and left without a proper care. The doctors and manual staff of the medical establishment fled from their jobs. Now only seven nurses and orderlies look after the patients.
The militants have set up mortars on the territory of the hospital to periodically fire at the Ukrainian soldiers. All requests to remove firing point from the territory of the facility and spare seriously ill people remain to no avail.
“We understand that there could be a return fire and patients may die. We have called for help to the Rinat Akhmetov foundation and to the local authorities, they all report that help has been provided but in fact nothing has been done. Not even drinking water was delivered,” say the doctors.
Some personnel was unable to work today as the DNR militants do not let them through their checkpoint, citing their concerns about the coming offensive from the Ukrainian military.
On the question about people in need of constant medical care and medication, the militants answered: “This is a war. There could be some side effects.”

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